Multiple Verified Twitter Accounts Hacked For Promoting Crypto Scams buy cvv with credit card, free dumps with pin 2021

The past couple of days have been terrible for Twitter users as a coordinated cyberattack occurred. The attackers hacked various high profile verified Twitter accounts to promote crypto scams. The affected accounts belonged to tech giants like Apple and Uber, and people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and more.
Recently, numerous verified Twitter accounts suffered a hacking attack as the scammers exploited them to promote crypto scams. The affected accounts belonged to top organizations, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.
It all remained unnoticed until the hijacked accounts started tweeting about cryptocurrency giveaways.
For now, the following accounts have been identified to have suffered the incident (though, there could be more).
Since the affected accounts were verified and official, people believed in those tweets. As a result, it turns out that the attackers racked up over $100,000 via the given bitcoin addresses.
After the matter caught Twitter’s attention, they swiftly contained the attack whilst disclosing the matter.
As they continued with the investigations, they kept everyone informed by sharing various tweets via TwitterSupport .
Since July 16, 2020, they have been investigating the matter besides restoring the affecting accounts to the original users. Recently, they have shared a post summing up all they have found.
In brief, they found that the attackers managed to infiltrate Twitter’s internal system by hacking employee accounts via social engineering. They could even bypass their two-factor protections.
Regarding the hijacked accounts, Twitter stated,
As of now, we know that they accessed tools only available to our internal support teams to target 130 Twitter accounts. For 45 of those accounts, the attackers were able to initiate a password reset, login to the account, and send Tweets.
Whereas for 8 other accounts, not publicly disclosed by Twitter, the attackers also downloaded the account information.
As for the remediation, Twitter hasn’t disclosed anything explicitly. But they have highlighted a few steps that they took to restore the compromised accounts.
We took preemptive measures to restrict functionality for many accounts on Twitter – this included things like preventing them from Tweeting or changing passwords… We also locked accounts where a password had been recently changed out of an abundance of caution.
Besides account restoration, Twitter has also mentioned about strengthening their security to prevent attacks as their future steps.
Users can continue following the TwitterSupport account to know the latest updates.
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Kerala Cyberdome, Dubai police tie up on cyber security bypass cc shop, milad cc shop

Institute For Ethical Hacking Course  and  Ethical Hacking Training in Pune – India
Extreme Hacking  |  Sadik Shaikh  |  Cyber Suraksha Abhiyan
Credits: Deccan Chronical 
The Kerala Cyberdome has decided to cooperate with Dubai police in cyber security. The two sides reached an agreement on sharing the information about those who are engaged in criminal activities on social media, said Police Cyberdome chief Manoj Abraham.
There has been an increase in the number of cases happening through Facebook and WhatsApp.  They will also cooperate in cyber intelligence, artificial intelligence and cyber crime software development, said Mr Abraham.
The decision was reached after a meeting with a five-member team led by Brigadier Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi, general director of artificial intelligence at Dubai Police.
Cyberdome is a technological research and development centre of Kerala police department, conceived as a cyber centre of excellence in cyber security having public-private partnership. The team from Dubai had reached here to study the working of the Cyberdome and starting such a centre in Dubai. The Cyberdome aims at preventing cyber crimes through developing a cyber threat resilient ecosystem in the state.
It also ensures collective coordination among the government departments and agencies, academia, research groups, non-profitable organisations, individual experts from the community, ethical hackers, private organisations and other law enforcement agencies in the country to provide a safe and secure cyber world. Cyberdome collaborates with around 10 national and international organisations, more than 500 IT professionals working around the globe, nodal officers from all major banks, three universities, 750-odd students and 250 mobile technicians.
The Kerala police has established a hi-tech centre for cyber security and innovations at the Technopark campus here.
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Ransomware Extortion Attacks Continue to Rise in Frequency as Ransom Payments Decrease by 40% dumps and pins sites, shopping without cvv

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Ransomware is having a very odd second quarter of the year as new variants enter the game governments finally take notice and insurers tighten their underwriting requirements.
Every quarter I make certain to cover their Quarterly Ransomware Report articles, as they provide great insight into the current state of attacks, ransoms, variants, and more. But in Coveware’s latest report covering Q2 2021 , we see a bit of a different tone.
In the report, we saw a massive downturn in the average ransom payment – just a little over $136K, down 38% from Q1 of this year. And, yet the percentage of ransomware attacks threatening to leak exfiltrated data increased by 5% this quarter, to 81%.
This is a bit counterintuitive; why would payments go down, but threats (that should yield higher payments) increase?
It may have something to do with some of the other points covered in the Coveware article:
Whatever the reason for the lowered ransom payments, the Coveware data still suggests that businesses of every size continue to be under attack and should take measures to protect themselves from the three primary initial attack vectors – vulnerabilities (hint: time to get vulnerability management in high gear), remote access via RDP (shut it down and get a real remote solution), and phishing (educate your users with Security Awareness Training so they don’t fall prey to malicious email content).
Threat actors are constantly coming out with new strains to evade detection. Is your network effective in blocking all of them when employees fall for social engineering attacks?
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How Many Phishing Sites Over 2 Million in 2020 (so far) darknet cvv shop, feshop tor

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Google has flagged 2.02 million phishing sites since the beginning of the year, averaging forty-six thousand sites per week, according to researchers at Atlas VPN. The researchers note that the number of phishing sites peaked at the start of the year, which correlates with the start of the pandemic.
“Data also reveals that in the first half of 2020, there were two huge spikes in malicious websites, reaching over 58 thousand detections per week at the peaks,” the researchers write. “The second half of the year seems more stable, which is not a positive thing, as there are around 45 thousand new copy-cat websites registered every seven days.”
Atlas VPN says the number of new phishing sites has been steadily increasing each year since 2015, but it’s now higher than it’s ever been.
“To take a look at the wider perspective, Atlas VPN analyzed phishing site data since the first quarter of 2015,” the researchers explain. “Our findings revealed that the year 2020 is, in fact, the year with most new phishing sites to date. Even though 2020 is not yet at an end, it already has a record-high number of scam websites detected, amounting to 2.02 million sites, according to Google’s data. This was a 19.91% increase from 2019 when malicious site volume reached 1.69 million. The average year-by-year change in phishing websites reveals a 12.89% growth since 2015. Also, in 2020, all three quarters had more malicious site detections than any of the previous year’s quarters. The second quarter of 2020 has the highest number of phishing sites ever recorded, at over 635 thousand.”
The researchers attribute the spike in 2020 to the COVID-19 pandemic, as people are spending more time online and emotions are running high.
“It is quite easy to correlate the pandemic with the increase in phishing attacks, not only because of the increased internet usage but also due to the panic,” they write. “Panic leads to irrational thinking, and people forget basic security steps online. Users then download malicious files or try to purchase in-demand items from unsafe websites, in result becoming victims of a scam.”
Google and other companies do a good job of tracking down malicious sites, but attackers can easily scale their operations and set up new sites to stay ahead of efforts to shut them down. New-school security awareness training can enable your employees to spot these sites on their own.
Atlas VPN has the story.
Would your users fall for convincing phishing attacks? Take the first step now and find out before bad actors do. Plus, see how you stack up against your peers with phishing Industry Benchmarks. The Phish-prone percentage is usually higher than you expect and is great ammo to get budget.
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Basic Malware Analysis Tools 50 best cc dumps, vbv cc shop

Extreme Hacking | Sadik Shaikh
Ethical Hacking Institute Course in Pune-India
In the upcoming posts we will be talking about basic malware analysis and we will start with discussing the many different Basic Malware Analysis Tools which are available. A Malware Analyst is someone highly skilled in reverse engineering malware to get a deep understanding about what a certain piece of malware does and how it does it. To become a malware analyst it is important to have a good understanding of operating systems, software, networking, programming in general, malware in general and assembly language. Assembly language is the low level programming code between the high level programming code and the machine instructions. In other words: it translates the high level language into machine instructions which will be processed by your computers hardware.
In this tutorial we will be looking at simple but popular tools for basic static malware analysis like: PEiD to detect packers, Dependency Walker to view dynamically linked functions, Resource Hacker to view the malware’s resources and PEview and FileAlyzer to examine the PE file headers and sections. These tools are used for basic static malware analysis to try to determine the kind of malware and it’s function without actually running the malware. Running and analysing the malware will be covered in laters tutorials. After this we will be looking at the malware analysis advanced tools available for advanced static analysis and advanced dynamic malware analysis in the next article: Dynamic Malware Analysis Tools. Note that we will be discussing the tools in general first and get into detailed tutorials later. In the upcoming tutorials we will be using them on sample malware in detailed step-by-step hacking tutorials.
As promised we’ll be looking at the following basic malware analysis tool: PEiD, Dependency Walker, Resource Hacker, PEview and FileAlyzer. For your convenience we will supply a download link for the tools as well so you can get your malware analysis toolbox ready for the upcoming tutorials. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as we will be updating this list and our toolbox along the upcoming tutorials.
PEiD is a small application which is used to detect common packers, cryptors and compilers. Malware writers often attempt to pack or obfuscate their malware to make it harder to detect and to analyse. The current version of PEiD can detect over 470 different signatures in PE files which are loaded from a txt file called userdb. The official PEiD website is not active anymore but you can download PEiD-0.95-20081103 from Hacking Tutorials using the following download link: (222 downloads)
You need to replace the userdb.txt file with the following file to add the signatures; PEiD Userdb (236 downloads)
Another great basic malware analysis tool is Dependency Walker. Dependency Walter is a free application which can be used to scan 32 and 64 bit Windows modules (.exe, .dll, .ocx, etc.) and is used to list all the imported and exported functions of a module. Dependency Walker also displays the dependencies of the file which will result in a minimum set of required files. Depency Walker also displays detailed information about those files including the filepath, version number, machine type, debug information etc.
Dependency Walker can be downloaded here .
Resource Hacker, or sometimes called ResHackers, is a free application used to extract resources from Windows binaries. Resource Hacker can extract, add and modify most resources like strings, images, menus, dialogs, VersionInfo, Manifest resources etc. The latest version of Resource Hacker, which is version 4.2.4, was release in July 2015.
Resource Hacker can be downloaded using the following link: Resource Hacker
PEview is a free and easy to use application to browse through the information stored in Portable Executable (PE) file headers and the different sections of the file. In the following tutorials we will be learning how to read those headers when we’re examining real malware.
PEview can be downloaded using the following link: PEview .
FileAlyzer is also a free tool to read information stored in PE file headers and sections but offers slightly more features and functionality than PEview. Nice features are the VirusTotal tab which can be used to submit malware to VirusTotal for analysis and the functionality to unpack UPX and PECompact packed files. And yes, Filealyzer is a typo but the developer decided to stick with the name which is kinda cool in our opinion.
FileAlyzer can be downloaded using the following link: FileAlyzer .
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5 Best Snapchat Track Apps for Android 2019 – GBHackers newpikachu buy cc, buy cvv dumps online

Snapchat Track Apps: Social media apps are some of the most used apps on smartphones and Snapchat is up there. Snapchat is especially popular among youngsters. Here, teenagers share short videos ‘snaps’, pictures and gifs.
However, parents who have concerns about how their kids use their smartphones can now track their kid’s activities. Dozens of Android lock apps let you track all social media apps.
The best Snapchat track app for android should deliver
reliable surveillance capabilities. However, most of the apps require rooting
to access advanced surveillance capabilities.
If a track app requires rooting the target Android, it will
predispose your kid to malicious attacks. Avoid such apps since they require
technical know-how to root the target Android device.
Fortunately, we have done the heavy lifting for you to help you get the best Snapchat track app. In this article, we highlight the top 5 Snapchat track apps for Android devices.
At the top of the most reliable Snapchat track apps for Android is Spyic. The app lets you track devices running on Android and iOS. Spyic can easily track all android devices.
The app can track someone’s
Snapchat account to read their conversations and chats. Spyic provides remote
surveillance capability that lets you track your target from anywhere in the
This app can not only track social media apps but also
virtually every other installed app. Also, it can track the location, SMS and
SIM Card of the target Android device.
1.1 What makes Spyic stand
Spyic has established itself as one of the most effective
Snapchat surveillance apps. Below are some of its revolutionary surveillance
1. Hassle-free Snapchat Track
Spyic uses cutting-edge technology. It’s capable of tracking
on Snapchat without rooting the target, something almost no other track app can
do. Most track apps only work after you install them on a rooted Android
Rooting an Android device is a laborious and demanding
process. The process can brick the target device or leave it vulnerable to
viruses. Also, the target is likely to be suspicious if he/she finds out their
device is rooted.
2. Undetectable Track
Spyic was designed with stealth in mind. The app is
undetectable by the target user. So, you won’t be get caught tracking on
someone’s Snapchat which can get you into trouble.
The Android app is less than 2MBs in size. The app works
invisibly in the background, without draining the battery or slowing down the
phone. Since it does not interfere with phone performance, the target cannot
What’s more, the app after installation on the target Android
device, it automatically deletes its icon. Also, the app disguises itself in
the installed apps.
3. Track Snapchat using a
computer or mobile phone
aadoes not require any technical knowledge or special software to track your target. After the app is set up, you can access it remotely from any computer or mobile phone browser.
You only need to log in to your Spyic dashboard to start
tracking on your target’s Snapchat activities. Besides track Snapchat, the
dashboard gives you access to all areas of the target Android device to track.
If you no longer feel the need to track your target, Spyic
lets you uninstall the app remotely. This is done in just one click without any
questions asked.
4. Join millions of users
Spyic is trusted by millions of users across the world. The
app is used in over 190 countries all over the world at the moment. The user
base comprises of regular people as well as cybersecurity professionals.
The app is popular among parents and business owners who want
to track their children and employees respectively. Spyic has earned a very
high customer approval rating of 96% for its effectiveness and reliability.
5. Access extra track
Spyic delivers more than just surveillance on Snapchat. Spyic
is capable of tracking call logs, messages, social media apps, locations and
calendar events. Also, it can track notes, email, web browser history, and so
much more!
It’s an all-in-one remote surveillance app.
Using Spyic to track Snapchat
To start tracking on an Android Snapchat activity, take the
following steps:
Step 1: Sign up for a Spyic account.
Subscribe to a Spyic monthly plan. You can choose the Premium plan to monitor
Snapchat on a single target device. Alternatively, choose Family/Business plans
to observe multiple devices.
Step 2: Next, set up the target
Android device. You will need physical access to the target device to download
and install the app.
Step 3: After installation, you will
be requested to click Start to finish the setup process.
Step 4: Now, log in to your Spyic
dashboard. On the left panel, look for the Social App tab then choose Snapchat.
That’s it. You will have successfully accessed your
target’s device remotely.
If you want a worthy alternative to Spyic, thenCocospyis your best bet. Cocospy is
a top-rated track app that is mostly used by parents and employers. The app is
compatible with Android and iOS platforms.
Cocospy offers a myriad of features. The app lets you access
Snapchat activity including messages. Also, it allows access to contacts,
review deleted messages, and check photos, videos, and audio logs.
The app also lest you find out Snapchat credentials. Cocospy, like Spyic, is equipped with
a keylogger utility. This helps you figure out someone’s Snapchat username and
password by recording all keystrokes on the device.
You can have Cocospy up and running in less than 5 minutes.
The app does not require rooting the target Android device for it to work. The
installation process itself is very intuitive.
Cocospy is a 100% discreet app. So, you won’t be discovered
when you’re tracking on the target’s Snapchat activity.
Auto Forward is a popular cell phone track app. The app is
used mainly by parents and employers to keep track of their kids and employees
respectively. Auto Forward works with both Android and iOS platforms.
Auto Forward Snapchat Track Apps gives you the capacity to track Snapchat as well as several other social media apps. The biggest drawback of Auto Forward is that you have to root the target Android device.
Without rooting, the Snapchat track feature doesn’t work.
Rooting isn’t recommended because it makes the target device vulnerable to
What’s worse it costs $29, which is slightly expensive for an
app that compromises the target device.
Appmia is known to be a powerful phone-activity tracker. It’s
popular and vetted by thousands of users. The app works with iOS and Android
target smartphones and tablets.
You can use Appmia as a Snapchat Track Apps through its keylogger feature that can track the target’s Snapchat credentials. Appmia offers extra features like email surveillance, location tracking, and call recording.
What’s disappointing is that Appmia doesn’t have a direct
Snapchat access feature provided by apps like Spyic. You will have to wait
until the target enters their Snapchat username or password if they ever do.
Using the credentials of the target raises an alert on the
target which makes them suspect. So, this app does not deliver an undetectable
Snapchat surveillance feature.
SpyHuman is a decent phone track app. It’s geared toward
Android phones and tablets. The app offers a competitive number of features for
Android devices. It doesn’t work with iOS devices.
If you’re looking for a Snapchat track solution, SpyHuman
can’t help directly. The disadvantage of using SpyHuman is that it can’t access
Snapchat directly.
Also, it doesn’t have a keylogger function to log the
target’s Snapchat username and password.
There are multitudes of Android track apps that can track social media apps such as Snapchat. In this article, we have established the top Snapchat track apps is Spyic.
The app can directly track Snapchat and even access Snapchat credentials through its keylogger feature. So, if you are looking for reliable Snapchat track apps for an Android device, Spyic is your best bet.
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Emotet Ends Hiatus with New Spam Campaigns 101 dumps carding, cc cvv shop online

The threat actors operating the Emotet malware broke its nearly four-month hiatus by launching a spate of malicious spam emails targeting German-, Italian-, Polish-, and English-speaking users.
This wave of Emotet-related spam emails and its related malicious components are proactively blocked by Trend Micro’s machine learning detection capabilities built into Trend Micro solutions. Emotet-related documents embedded with malicious macro are detected as Downloader.VBA.TRX.XXVBAF01FF005 and the loaders as Troj.Win32.TRX.XXPE50FFF031. Samples of Emotet are detected as TrojanSpy.Win32.EMOTET.SMCRS. Heuristic and sandbox detections via the Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery ™ solution are HEUR_VBA.O2 and VAN_WORM.UMXX, respectively. Trend Micro’s behavior monitoring technology effectively blocks malicious PowerShell scripts embedded in the macros and prevents Emotet from being executed.
Here’s an overview of this threat and what organizations and users can do to defend against it.
[Trend Micro Research: Prevalence of Emotet in the North American Region ]
It’s unclear why Emotet’s operators shut down their operations, although botnets going dark aren’t new. For example, Dridex and Ramnit ’s operators are known to slow down their activities during holidays, especially during December and January. Other hacking groups use the hiatus to update their infrastructures, like their command-and-control (C&C) servers.
Researchers have noticed that Emotet’s C&C servers resumed their activities as early as late August, but they were not sending spam emails at the time. Security researcher Raashid Bhat saw Emotet’s infrastructures starting to send out spam emails on September 16.
[Technical Analysis: Emotet’s Evasion Techniques ]
No, they are different threats. Trickbot , however, is known to be one of Emotet’s many payloads, so their campaigns could overlap. In fact, a malware campaign that targeted companies in the U.S. and Europe last April used a combination of Emotet, Trickbot, and Ryuk to steal credentials and then encrypt files in the affected system.
Like Trickbot, Emotet started off as a banking trojan before transitioning into a modular downloader trojan and botnet malware that it is now known for.
[READ: Emotet’s Modular and Multilayered Operating Mechanisms ]
The spam emails contain malicious URLs and are attached with Microsoft Word documents embedded with macro that, when enabled, invokes and launches a PowerShell script that accordingly downloads the Emotet malware from compromised websites. These sites, according to Malwarebytes , were mostly running on the WordPress content management system (CMS). Alternatively, some documents use downloader scripts to retrieve the Emotet malware.
[Trend Micro Midyear Security Roundup: How Messaging- and Spam-Related Threats are Diversifying ]
Emotet steals the passwords of applications installed in the infected system, and sends spam emails to its list of contacts. It will also move laterally to infect other systems connected to the network. Perhaps the more significant risk is Emotet’s capability — as a downloader trojan — to execute other payloads.
The malware’s operators are also known for spoofing and hijacking existing or ongoing email threads, embedding malicious URLs or Emotet-laden attachments.
[InfoSec Guide: Mitigating Email Threats ]
Emotet also adds the infected system into a botnet, comprising other zombified machines that are then used to distribute more spam emails. Emotet’s operators are also known for selling their botnet as a service and partnering with other cybercriminals and threat actors, enabling the malware to deploy payloads — from ransomware families like Ryuk , Nozelesn , and BitPaymer and information stealers like Ursnif and Dridex , to name a few.
In terms of financial impact, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reported in 2018 that an Emotet-related incident can cost up to US$1 million to remediate.
[Security 101: Fileless Threats that Abuse PowerShell ]
Here are some of the best practices businesses and users can adopt to protect against Emotet and other threats that may come with it:
Trend Micro endpoint solutions such as the  Smart Protection Suites  and  Worry-Free Business Security  solutions, which have  behavior monitoring  capabilities, can protect users and businesses from threats like Emotet by detecting malicious files, scripts, and messages as well as blocking all related malicious URLs.   Trend Micro Apex One ™ protection employs a variety of threat detection capabilities, notably behavioral analysis, which protect against malicious scripts, injection, ransomware, memory and browser attacks.
The  Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™  solution has a layer for  email inspection  that can protect enterprises by detecting malicious attachments and URLs. It can detect remote scripts even if they are not being downloaded on the physical endpoints. The Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery Inspector solution protects customers from Emotet via this DDI rule:
Updated as of September 18, 2019, 6:45 p.m. PDT to include additional Trend Micro detection/solution.
Like it? Add this infographic to your site:1. Click on the box below.   2. Press Ctrl+A to select all.   3. Press Ctrl+C to copy.   4. Paste the code into your page (Ctrl+V).
Image will appear the same size as you see above.
In the first half of this year, cybersecurity strongholds were surrounded by cybercriminals waiting to pounce at the sight of even the slightest crack in defenses to ravage valuable assets. View the report
The upheavals of 2020 challenged the limits of organizations and users, and provided openings for malicious actors. A robust cybersecurity posture can help equip enterprises and individuals amid a continuously changing threat landscape. View the 2020 Annual Cybersecurity Report
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How to setup an IP logger that can bypass a VPN joker cc shop, cvv dumps reddit

Ethical Hacking Training Institute
Extreme Hacking | Sadik Shaikh  | Cyber Suraksha Abhiyan
Today I’m releasing my tutorial on how to setup a WebRTC IP logger. It is capable of bypassing VPNs and few proxies.
Before we get started, here’s what you’re going to need!
Let’s get started!
First thing you’re going to need to do is download the WebRTC files. You can do this by clicking anywhere on this paragraph. You will need these files in order to complete the next steps, this will be the active ingredient in your scheme.
Once your files have finished downloading, do not extract them. Now you need to get webhosting. Even free webhosting will do. If you are in need of assistance, please look in the spoiler labeled resources (below this paragraph)
==Basic Users==
==Advanced Users==
Once you have your webhosting setup, navigate to your cPanel and find ‘File Manager’.
For advanced users, connect via FTP or SFTP and go to /var/www/html.
Now, near the top of the page in the file manager, find the upload button and click it. After that you need to upload the ZIP file you downloaded earlier in this tutorial. Finally, go back to the file manager, find the ‘Refresh’ button. Click it once. The ZIP file you’ve uploaded should appear. Now find the ‘Extract’ button. Click it once. Everything is now setup!
Whenever anybody visits your site (on the domain you registered the host with), it should bring them to a page saying “Error!”. If you’d like to change what it says, make sure you’re still in the file manager. Click once on ‘index.php’. Now find the button on the top that reads ‘Code Editor’. It may ask you for an encoding check, simply click ‘Okay’ or ‘Edit’. Now look for ‘Error!’ near the bottom. Edit ‘Error!’ to whatever you wish to display to those you have logged.
Click ‘Save’ on the top, close the tab.
To view your logs, go to whatever domain you have and add /log.txt at the end. If you haven’t logged anybody yet, it will say ‘Error 404; Page not found’ or something similar.…le-webrtc/
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Хакеры выложили в Сеть данные клиентов "ПриватБанка dead fullz shop, top cvv sites 2021

По словам взломщиков, они проанализировали действия хакерской группы GreenDragon, получившей доступ к конфиденциальной информации вкладчиков и готовы заявить о наличии “множества уязвимостей” в системах банка.
“Чтобы не быть голословными, мы в течение нескольких дней будем выборочно выкладывать в открытый доступ персональные банковские данные клиентов “ПриватБанка”, данные платежных сервисов, служебную переписку сотрудников этого учреждения”, – заявили хакеры.
“Вашими личными данными и счетами может воспользоваться мало-мальски обученный программированию мошенник, так как системы информационной безопасности у банка практически отсутствуют”, – добавили взломщики в своем обращении.
О взломе серверов “ПриватБанка” хакерами из международной группировки “Зеленый дракон” стало известно в минувший понедельник, 30 июня. По неофициальной информации, в распоряжении хакеров оказались номера кредитных и дебетовых карт, а также пароли для доступа к персональным аккаунтам в системе интернет-банкинга.
В своем заявлении взломщики также призвали клиентов банка вывести свои средства со счетов в этой финансовой организации. В противном случае хакеры обещают отправить средства на оказание гуманитарной помощи юго-востоку Украины.
Сотрудники “ПриватБанка” информацию о взломе системы интернет-банкинга опровергли. Являются ли настоящими контактные данные клиентов банка, опубликованные хакерами, пока неизвестно.
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