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Aiming to provide security to country’s major private and public information technology networks, the National Technical Research Organisation has been designated as the agency to help in tackling the cyber security threat in the country.
“The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) has been notified as the nodal agency for protecting the critical IT structure from cyber threats such as unauthorized access and disruption,” senior NTRO officers told Aaj Tak.
“The NCIIPC has also been given the mandate to facilitate safe, secure and resilient information infrastructure for critical sectors of the nation including power, banking and rail sectors,” the sources said.
In this regard, the NTRO has been given the task of evolving protection strategies for the industry along with the cooperation strategies for them.
“The NTRO has also been tasked to issue guidelines, advisories in coordination with the cyber emergency response team and other bodies tasked to look after this domain,” they said.
A source said from the time it was allocated this responsibility, the NTRO has helped in strengthening the vulnerable points of IT infrastructure in over 300 cases.
NTRO has also joined hands with private sector companies including Quick Heal to receive regular threat feeds from it to identify command and control centres.
The sources said they have also got in touch with international agencies from Japan, Egypt, Israel and Russia for creating situational awareness and sharing threat intelligence.
The NTRO, which has so far been a secretive organization, is also in talks with the IITs and other institutes to disseminate information on cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
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