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attacks are still something to be wary of these days. 2019 saw a resurgence in
ransomware attacks and they’re expected to grow even more rampant in the coming
weeks as we hit the holiday season.
The Thanksgiving weekend ushers in major sales events including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Retailers, both brick-and-mortar and digital, aggressively mark down the prices of most of their products during these days.
Customers typically come in droves to shop at huge discounts. Last year, these events broke sales records with combined total sales for both days reaching over $14 billion.
Since consumers are more than willing to spend during this season, businesses know they have to maximize the opportunity to boost their sales and win new customers.
Unfortunately, hackers have become savvy enough to try and exploit user behavior during these times.
They look to utilize ransomware to cripple businesses. Ransomware is a specialized malware that encrypts files, rendering them inaccessible and unusable.
Users are only able to decrypt their files by exchanging ransom for the decryption key. Should ransomware hit a business’ network or web app, the company will likely experience downtime.
During sales periods, this can cause massive losses so hackers know that they are likely to get companies to pay the ransom.
As such, it’s important for businesses to be protected from such threats. Interestingly, the holidays also encourage security-solutions providers to partake in these sales events.
A pioneer in the privacy and security niche, Reason Cybersecurity, is now making its capable endpoint security solution available at a 70% discount for the holiday season.
Here are the
various ways Reason can protect businesses against ransomware and other
Real-time Threat Detection. At its core, Reason offers a robust antivirus that protects against computer viruses and malware. Its detection engine is supported by a database of more than one million malware samples.
This allows Reason to accurately detect most variants of malware including today’s most worrying ransomware.
It also features quick removal of threats. Should a suspicious file or process be detected, Reason can quickly quarantine it or remove it entirely from the system.
Reason can also perform scans on-demand with options such as quick, full, and custom scans that allow users to check various locations of the computers for threats.
Ransomware Protection. Aside from screening for malware, Reason also provides protection specific to combating ransomware.
The solution watches out for ransomware-like behavior such as processes attempting to perform encryption routines and prevents them from executing.
Reason API. Reason also provides businesses with the option to tap into its application programming interface (API). Developers can integrate Reason into their own web apps and portals to safeguard them from all forms of threats.
Reason can help screen against malicious links and files that are often used to distribute ransomware and stop them from reaching endpoints and devices.
Browsing Security. Reason also provides Chrome browser plugins to help safeguard users. The Web Security plugin prevents users from browsing and visiting known malicious websites.
The plugin marks search results and indicates if a link points to a suspicious webpage. The Download Defender plugin checks the download links to files and marks those pointing at malware as dangerous.
These plugins keep users from visiting malicious pages and downloading malicious files.
Other Features. Reason also has other privacy-oriented features including webcam and microphone protection, which warns users if a suspicious process is attempting to gain access to the camera or microphone feed.
Users can even set this feature to fully block all access to these devices. Reason also has a Should I Remove It feature that evaluates all installed apps and allows users to uninstall poorly secured apps.
Reason Cybersecurity has a Free version which includes the basic antivirus feature with real-time threat detection and removal.
All the other options, including ransomware protection, browsing security, and camera and microphone protection, are unlocked in the paid Premium version.
Specialized business solutions such as access to the API can be obtained by contacting Reason directly.
Ransomware is definitely not something that users should be taken lightly. Given the increased likelihood that hackers will try to cripple businesses and other users through ransomware, it’s only prudent to adopt measures and tools that would prevent it from happening.
Discounts for security solutions like Reason should be a welcome development as it allows users to affordably run and implement capable protection on their computers, preventing ransomware from becoming a major problem.
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