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Hey guys I decided to make a real fast and simple tut on how to port forward without even going to your router settings, I have used this method a couple of times, I actually use this method a lot when I am not able to port forward a weird router for some reason.
What you need :
Your Rat, you can fuse metasploit framework here.
Upnp Router
First you want to download bit torrent you can download it here
Click Here To Download Bit-Torrent
Once you have it downloaded it should look somthing like this –
Please ignore my download your bit-torrent shouldn’t be downloading any thing lol,
Once you have bit torrent open you want to go to options, then preferences, then connection and then you should be looking at this.
“Make Sure you have these settings ! Make sure you un check mark random at start up “what is circled in the picture”
Save what port your bit-torrent is on in a text document if you think, you are going to forget it copy the port and go here to see if the port is opened – Click here to see if your port is opened !
Now that your port is opened you want to go into your task manager
you can click start and use the search feature to find it or you can hit ctrl alt delete, once you have your task manager opened you want to find the application Bittorrent and you want to terminate it !
After you tterminatedBit torrent you need to open up your rat and listen to the port that bit torrent was just on once done go back to canyouseeme.org and make sure your port is still opened !
You should be on a open port now with your rat !
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