What is the CISSP CAT exam like no cvv sites 2019, live cc buy

“My exam ended after exactly 100 questions and took me a little more than an hour to complete.” – Keith Yanachik
The CISSP exam changed to CAT format in December 2017. We spoke to one of the first to take the CISSP CAT exam, Keith Yanachik , to ask him about his experience. Keith is an Enterprise Architect and has a bachelor’s degree in information systems management, as well as an MBA.
Everyone’s CAT experience will vary – as you’ll need to answer any number of items (or questions) from 100 to 150. Despite the exam format change to CAT, all CISSP candidates will be tested with items based on the same exam content outline as the linear, fixed-form exam and the same passing standard. Do you have questions about this new format? Read our CISSP CAT FAQs !
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